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The Aridian calendar is used throughout the known world of Terra and splits the year into four seasons and eight months. In each month there is twenty-eight days with seven days in a week. Weeks day names are: Genna, Katha, Zellos, Apofa, Eirini, Iremia and Vasil.



Crystal Solstice (1st Archian)

The Crystal Solstice is an annual event at the beginning of spring time, as fragile flowers begin to push through the frost and new life is born under a warming sun. The celebration thanks the Goddess for the return of the Light after the long harsh winter. Crystals are used for their magical properties but mostly because of their ability to trap the Light and fracture it into thousands of shimmering colours, a true festival of all that is Light. 
Many people within the High Kingdom attend town wide celebrations held by the Sisterhood, but some choose to worship alone. In the gatherings, the Sisters start off the ceremony by performing a religious ritual and encourage onlookers to pray and show their gratitude to the Goddess. After the ritual a crystal hunt is orchestrated not only for the small ones but adults and children alike. Celebrations run way into the night and most include singing, dancing and merriment. A key part for all celebrations is the giving of gifts. Emphasis is put on heartfelt rather than material gifts with many bestowing their wishes of good health and happiness.


Summer Time



Autumn Time



Queen's Day (12th Kartian)

Winter Time