Arcadia LARP Wikia

Want to cure a village of disease, want to put up a safe barrier around your settlement, or want to summon a demon slave? Try a ritual!

This is the way to do almost anything in the Arcadia system that doesn’t have a set rule, although they are not easy to successfully complete and take a lot of time and effort to prepare.

Ritual Rules

Forewarning must be given to the Gameworld Committee, by talking to a plot referee, if a ritual is to take place. This is because a referee needs to be present to witness the ritual taking place or nothing will happen and it was a waste of your time and resources.

Only someone with Arcane or Divine gift can perform or take part in a ritual, as they need to be fuelled by magic to work. Some rituals will require resources such as mana, spirit or even hit points to help make them successful.

Rituals can be interrupted or even corrupted with dire consequences ranging from loss of resources to extremely agonising death should the wrong components be used or the wrong individuals disturb the ritual ground.

Resources required for a ritual will be determined Gameworld Committee once they have been informed about the type of ritual that will be taking place. Rituals can also be used to embody items with skills and abilities such as a crown or a circlet being embodied with the same abilities as a helm, or an implement being embodied with the ability to investigate. 

Steps to a Successful Ritual

  • Lots of effort put in before and during the ritual – role-play it chant, sing, wear big hooded cloaks or dance, just make a performance out of it!
  • If all the requirements were met in resources set out by the Gameworld Committee – the right amount is fine but more is better!
  • Time – it needs to be longer than 10 minutes for a successful ritual to take place, this will be timed by the Gameworld Committee, longer is better! Although these 10 minutes can include the setting up of the ritual, the intricate placing of certain items in their most powerful position to help align the power and maybe some more chanting.
  • Timing – the time of day is also important for certain magical rituals, such as light rituals being done when the sun is coming up or at its highest, health rituals being done under the healing light of the moon, or dark rituals being done at midnight or the darkest hour of night.