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Humankind is the most common race on Terra. Humans have an average lifespan and no outstanding traits. However their adaptability and ability to breed with most other races has seen them spread into almost every town and city.


Due to their uncanny to adapt to any situation and environment humans are found in nearly every corner of Terra. Despite this they are found in the most abundance within the High Kingdom. This has led to a loss of culture as a race, tending to culture they reside in. Human culture is versatile and ever changing from the conservative ways of Avalon, brazen ways of Gautlond right down to the free spirit of The Islanders.


Humans come in all shapes and sizes, their appearance as versatile as their nature. Depending on where in Terra a human comes from will influence their appearance and style greatly. However with a relatively short lifespan humans ageing process is more visible than other races.