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Elves are very visually similar to humans, what sets them apart is their long pointed ears. Despite the visual similarities, elves, whilst versatile, do not easily adap to new environments preferring the comfortable and familiar.


Just like humans, elves can be found in nearly every civilisation in Terra. However mostly reside in Aridia, the capitol of the High Kingdom, preferring to be close to members of their own race and their beloved Queen. All elves no matter where they come from are renowned for their impresive senses and graceful dexterity. However on top of thsee common features each elf is often part of one of the three subcultures; high, wildwood and sunless.


Elves are often thought of as tall and fair, however they actually share a lot of their visual traits with humans and can only really be identified by their pointed ears. Often elves will carry themselves with such grace that they are distinguishable but it is fully possible for an elf to cover their ears and blend in with human society.