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Out of Character Calls and Gestures

There are a handful of calls and gestures that players must memorise for use on the field. This is a safety requirement and does not rely on perks your character has.

With the exception of “time in” and “time out”, any player can use any of these calls or gestures at any time without using any character perk or the expenditure of in-game resources. Players are encouraged to make use of these calls and gestures whenever it seems appropriate.

Man Down'''*Wave hands above head* A call and accompanying gesture to be used to draw attention to an out of-character injury or potential safety issue. If you hear this call, cease play immediately. A referee will call “time in” when the situation is resolved.
*Cross arms across chest with hands on shoulders* This denotes that the player is incapable of or uncomfortable with engaging in a piece of imminent physical role-play. It is most commonly used when a condition prevents a player from participating in live-action combat. A player using this gesture is not to be touched. All effects targeting the player, such as damaging weapon strikes, should be explained verbally.
“Safe word” Called to indicate that the player is personally uncomfortable with a piece of role-play. You should try to steer the role-play away from the current subject matter but may need to temporarily cease play if doing so cannot be achieved in-character.
“Time in” Called to start play at the beginning of an event or restart play when it has been interrupted. “Time in” can only be called by a referee.
“Time out” Called to pause or end play. “Time out” can only be called by a referee.

In Character Calls and Gestures

These calls and gestures can only be used as outlined in any perks a character may have. As such, you will only have access to a selection of these calls depending on the perks you purchased during character creation.

Effect calls typically target one individual, when using them make sure to have your target’s attention. Try to make eye-contact and gesture at them, you may use OOC names if appropriate. If you are unsure if you were the intended target or not when you hear an effect call, assume you were and take the effect. If the caller makes the call while making a weapon strike, the call takes effect on the individual that is struck by the weapon and has no effect if the strike misses.

Composite Calls

It is common for multiple calls to be made in conjunction with each other, making a ‘composite call’. Composite calls communicate the effects of multiple calls all fired off simultaneously against the same target. When targeted by a composite call, you should wait until the caller has finished and take the effects all at once. Please note that you can only use one damage call per composite call. An example would be “single, double, through” which is not allowed, whereas “single through” or “double through” is allowed. When performing a composite call you must spend the necessary mana, spirit or stamina that is required for both parts of the call. Non-damaging skills and spells effects last for 10 seconds unless otherwise stated in the perk. Spell effects can be accompanied by spell gestures such as “Mass” and “Sustain” which are explained in the table below.

IC Calls and Gestures




You have taken 2 points of damage and lose 2 hit points.


You have taken 3 points of damage and lose 3 hit points.


You have taken 4 points of damage and lose 4 hit points. (This is rarely used by NPC’s, but needs to be in the system for elemental damage calls see elements section for more detail).


You are pushed away from the caller and should take 3 paces back. When used as part of a composite call, you should take 3 paces back before taking the other effect.


You are knocked over and should drop to the floor. Before you can get back up, both your elbows and either both your knees or bottom must touch the floor.


You are slowed, meaning you cannot move any faster than a walking pace.


You are paralyzed and must remain completely still, although unable to react, you are aware of your surroundings while paralyzed.



Used in conjunction with damage calls or as part of a strike. The damage call or strike ignores armour and hits the target; the target takes the full damage of the call.


You are silenced, meaning you cannot speak or use any spell activated perks. Does not affect skills calls or fast casting as these are out of character calls.


Anything struck by a weapon including your arm when the skill is called must be dropped. The spell cast at a person requires them to drop everything in their hands to the floor. If it is unsafe to drop weapons or objects, you may swiftly and gently places them upon the ground instead. All items must touch the floor for 10 second before you are able to pick them up.


If used with a weapon strike: any armour, shield, weapon or other equipment/item struck is shattered or sundered. If used as a spell: The caller will indicate the equipment at is being targeted. Shattered or sundered equipment cannot be used until repaired.


The caller will give you a command after making this call. You must follow that command. (See the skill call presence and spell call command for full details on the effects.)


“Heal poison/ disease”

Restores hit points or removes a poison or disease. For example; “heal two” replenishes 2 hit points, or “heal poison” removes the poison.


The user will call out their strength value, you should respond with your strength value, only if the users strength value is higher than yours can you be moved or restrain.

“In ...”

This is the language call. The caller will specify a language after making this call (for example: “In Aridian”) and making an L shape with your finger and thumb so that others can see. Everything spoken while this gesture is held is in the specified language first called and can only be understood by characters which have that language. Not needed when speaking Common.


This call is used to stop the effect of spell call made against you. When a spell call is made at you, you can yell “Counter” to signify that the effect has been countered.


This call is used with a shield to block the effect of spell calls made against you. When a spell call is made at you, you can yell “Block” to signify that the effect has been countered.


This call is used with a weapon to block the effect of spell calls and abilities made against you during combat. When a spell call or ability call is made at you, you can yell “Parry” to signify that the effect has been countered.

“Channel ……..”

This allows the transfer of mana, stamina, or hit points from one character to another. Both characters have to be consenting for this to work.  

“Drain …….”

This allows the user to take mana, stamina, or hit points from a character for themselves.  The character being drained does not need to consent.

*Raised hand with open palm*

The character is incorporeal and can only be seen and interacted with the use of certain perks. You should ignore their presence. At night for safety reasons incorporeal characters must use a blue light to show when they are using the skill.

*Raised hand with closed fist*

The character is hidden and can only be seen and interacted with the use of certain perks. You should ignore their presence.

“Poison ....”

You are poisoned with the call effect, poisons last until removed. Only magic can heal magic induced poisons where as only herbalists can cure herbalist induced poisons.


You are diseased with the call effect, disease last until removed and can be contagious so be careful who you touch. Only magic can heal magic induced diseases where as only herbalists can cure natural induced diseases.

“Point Blank....”

You are too close to draw and shoot your arrow at a player by calling “Point Blank” you get an instant critical hit on the player see page 34 for more details.

Magical Calls and Gestures

Magical Gestures


Spell casting

*Point at the target*

This is the spell casting gesture used to indicate the target of a spell.

Dual Casting

*motion with both hands*

This is the spell casting gesture used to call forth two spell to be cast one after the other a type of rapid fire.


*Both arms outstretched towards you*

If both arms are outstretched towards you this signifies a sustained effect. As long as the gesture is held with the accompanying call being chanted, the effects of the accompanying call last until the gesture is dropped. This means that the effects of calls such as “stop”, “knockdown” and “pushback” continue until the caller is no longer stretching their hand out, is silenced or out of sight.


*Both arms outstretched to either side*

If both hand are outstretched either side of the caster this signifies a Mass effect. Mass affects everyone within earshot and line of sight of the caster and they all must take the spell effect.