Arcadia LARP Wikia

Overview of Bouncers

Bouncers unlike barrier do not physically restrict any characters movement within the game world but rather cause a bouncing effect of harmful spells. This mechanic is in play for out of character (OOC) safety reasons. We feel fighting in certain areas does not comply with health and safety regulations at the event. Bouncers negate the ability to do any damage therefore discouraging battle in these areas. Currently there is one Bouncer in play.

Tavern Bouncer

The Tavern area is a no fighting zone OOC due to the amount of furniture and lack of space for LARP combat. The Bouncer is activated in the Tavern whenever damage is being dealt undercover or on the stoned area just out front. When the Bouncer is activated any damage being dealt to another player bounces back onto the person dealing the damage to the original assailant. Other calls that aren’t damaging will still take effect such as “Silence” or “Charm”.

Whereas any damage spells coming from outside of the Tavern into the Tavern must be taken and do not activate the Bouncer. Also arrows shot into the Tavern do not activate the Bouncer but we would rather arrows not be deliberately shot into the Barn due to all the equipment in the area. We understand if a stray arrow finds its way in but please don’t make a habit of it. There is a point blank skill in the rules that would be ideal in this situation.