Arcadia LARP Wikia

Crew are an invaluable and essential part of helping Arcadia LARP events run. Crew tickets are offered at a lower price due to increased responsibilites and the lack of the ability to play your own character. However enjoyment is a massive part of crewing at Arcadia LARP and it is as important to us that our crew are as happy with the experience of LARPing as the players. Happy crew equals happy players! Crewing offers so many unique experiences that you could not get as player, read the information below and see if becoming a member of the team appeals to you!

What do Crew at Arcadia LARP do?

The purpose of having crew members to help the referee team run an event is to increase the immersion for players; with the game being able to pull off bigger and better story lines. A crew members job is to take direction from the referee team and interact with players to aid the flow of the game. This means that you could be playing various different NPCs (non-player characters) such as traders, villagers or bandits that all offer the players a range of roleplay experiences. You could also be asked to play a role in a battle meaning that there can bigger and better encounters. 

What are a Crew Member's Responsibilities?

The first thing a crew member should is make sure that they have read the rule book and made themselves as familiar as is possible for them. Crew members will be fully briefed on any character they are asked to play and can ask the Game Team any questions at any time it will just help things to run more smoothly.

Crew members should also make sure to read the Gameworld section of the wiki so that they are familiar most types of character they are asked to play.

What Should Crew Members Bring?

All crew members must bring black clothes and sturdy shoes, that can be worn underneath any costuming you are given. Most of our crew members bring multiple black leggins/joggers and a black tshirts or tank tops so that the clothes can be layered if it is cold or can be changed if they get wet. 

Crew members just like players should make sure they have full camping gear and are fully prepared for 4 days in a field, check out our What to Bring page for more information and tips on what to have with you to ensure the best experience possible. 

Should players who have LARPed before want to bring their own gear to crew with that is fully accepted and at the moment, as we are a new system, fully encouraged. 

Why Crew for Arcadia LARP?

Becoming a crew member at Arcadia LARP is very rewarding as it you that makes the event possible. There a few reasons why you might want to become a crew member for an event.

You could want to trial our event specifically or LARP in general to make sure its right for you. Crewing is ideal for this as you get to a chance to play a range of different characters and experience LARP combat before joining the event as a player with your own personalised character.

LARP can become a very expensive hobby not only the tickets to events but buying all of the costuming and gear. Crewing offers a cheaper alternative if you are strapped for cash. Not only is the crew ticket offered at a significantly lower price there is no need to purchase character gear. 

It also offers versatility, you can choose to crew for one event or many events either way your help is valued not just by the referee team but by the players themselves. If you enjoy being part of a family that helps to improve the experience of LARP for others crewing is the right choice for you! 

How to become a crew member

Becoming a crew member is simple just head over the website and book your crew tickets! Crew tickets are £25 which covers the camping fee and insurance for you to be on site. A limited amout of crew tickets are available at any one time as we try to maintain an ideal 2:1 ratio of players to crew members, meaning that the more players that book the more crew slots that will be available.