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Volume I, Chapter II

The Battle was won, the Greater Demon was driven back and the barrier was raised just in time, protecting the inhabitants of Arcadia from the Demon menace - at least for a little while longer. The victory was cut short however, as intrigue worked it’s terrible way into the celebrations. A Kurasian Merchant and a wandering Orc Shaman were arrested, accused of capitalising on the chaos of the Demon Assault to murder a serving girl of an Elven Ambassador, shattering the peace of unity of the so-called ‘Sanctuary for all’. As the newly appointed Hands of the High Queen and King work to uncover the truth with a public trial, sinister forces and dangerous foes work behind the scenes to utilise the division of Arcadia and undo the good work of its brave heroes...

Event Overview

24/08/18 to 27/08/18 (optional no LARP camping on 23/08/18)

Arcadia LARP Is returning after a successful event last year, we will once again be running an August Event at the Caddihoe Scout Campsite in Exeter.

Tickets will be available once we get confirmation of the dates by the site owner, this should be by mid February at the latest. Tickets will then be available via our website or on the gate, though for the best price book sooner rather than later! 

Special Notice

It is with great sorrow and deepest sympathy that we regret to inform you of the passing of our crew member and dear friend Nathaniel, who passed away on Thursday 16th November 2017. Our hearts go out to all his family and friends at this difficult time. Not only was Nat a great friend, able to cheer anyone up with his sense of humour. He was also a invaluable member of our crew. Our first event was made memorable and benefited greatly because of Nat. An imaginative and kind-hearted individual. We are honoured and blessed to have known such an amazing man. With all this in mind, and with sadness in our hearts the Arcadia team will be holding an informal vigil in his honour Thursday 23/08/18. All are welcome to join, to pay their respects, share their memories and to honour the life of Nathaniel.