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Welcome to Arcadia LARP Wikia

Welcome to the Arcadia LARP Wikia.

Here on the Wikia, players old and new can find the background lore and information required to better understand the diverse and immersive world of Arcadia. Everything a player will need to create an amazing story or character can be found, from the background lore created by the In-Game Committee of referees, and eventually the player created lore that comes about through fun, respectful and enjoyable roleplay each event.

Arcadia LARP is a budding new live-action roleplay (LARP) group based in the UK, Devon, run by a diverse and wide variety of skilled referees, writers, 'game masters' and veteran LARP'ers, whose primary goal is to create a friendly, respectful, fun roleplay environment for all those interested in carving their stories in the world of Terra. If this sounds like your ideal weekend, Arcadia LARP is the group for you!

New to LARP?

Live-action Roleplay, or LARP, is first and foremost a game. LARP allows you to physically act out the fictional, fantasy characters of your deepest imaginations alongside others of a similar mindset, often in a group or 'community'. Wearing fantasy-setting and early period clothing, hitting people with foam weapons, casting spells via shouting across a field and a weekend of camping with some of the most interesting and creative people you will ever meet, are just some of the things you can look forward too if you decide you want to give it a go. LARP is similar to tabletop roleplaying games, such as DnD, in that you get to create and customize your own character, complete with a character sheet, experience, levels, and a myriad of racial options to experience adventure controlled by a creative group of 'Game-Masters', or referees. The major difference however is that rather than sitting around a table, LARP enables you to experience the adrenaline of adventure first hand, by allowing you to act out the entire session in-person alongside others.

We at Arcadia LARP encourage anyone, veteran or newbie roleplayers all, to give it a go. Even those who have never roleplayed before will find a friendly, immersive system to ease into alongside an accepting and mature community. You might even find a new hobby!

New to Arcadia?

Arcadia LARP is an annual, live-action roleplay event held in Devon, England.

We welcome all players, new and veteran roleplayers alike, but those interest should bare in mind it is an 18+ event.

Our mission statement is to provide a fun and immersive roleplay, backed by an airtight, easy to understand system. We at Arcadia LARP guarantee your enjoyment thanks to an experienced, creative group of referees and game-masters with many years of combined experience running such events. We also give an assurance that any issues raised either in game or out of game will be addressed professionally, respectfully and with serious interest. We want everyone to have fun, full stop.

Each event offers a small amount of weapons training, tutorial quests and more much that can not only ease you into the world of Arcadia, but also into LARP in general. Our game team are always happy to help, whether on the field or off, in providing roleplay, helping with character creation, or dealing with questions and queries. Feel free to contact any member of the game team should you need any help at all. Keep up to date with LARP, or get in touch with us by checking out our Facebook Page!<hero description="Arcadia LARP wiki is a place that all of the background and lore can be found for this new live-action roleplay.We are an English, new player friendly LARP, with a very immersive system.So take a look and join us in beginning to create the most amazing stories!" imagename="" cropposition=""></hero>

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