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Arcadia LARP Management Committee Minutes 09-07-19 

Convener: David Walker (Chair) 

Recorder: Rachel Elston (Vice Chair) 

Present:  David Walker (Chair), Rachel Elston (Vice Chair), Glynne Turnbull (Secretary), Deborah Myers (Treasurer) James Myers (Site and Safety Officer), Joshua Wheaton-Green (Accountant), Emma Weeks (Public Relations)  


Final Approval of Information to Release on 29th 

29/07/19 is the date three weeks before the AGM in which all relevant information must be released to the members. Proposed AGM agenda unanimously approved: Revised Constitution, Annual Financial Report, Ticket Costs and Encouraging Pre-Booking, Vacant Committee Role – Secretary, Game World Discussion (hand off to the Game Team). Advertisement of the vacant Secretary position unanimously approved (appendix 1). JWG to put together the financial report for the AGM. RE to write up the release to members. DM to email members. EW to write social media post alerting members to the release. 

Ticket Prices 

Committee discussion held about maintaining a 2:1 crew balance and how this is difficult with last minute ticket sales, a way to encourage players to pre-book thus showing realistic numbers of both crew and players earlier was agreed to be discussed at the AGM. Ticket Costs and Encouraging Pre-Booking has been added to the AGM agenda. The Committee also agreed upon three different options to put to members regarding a solution. 

  1. Deposit-based scheme:  

If players pay a £10 non-refundable deposit before Christmas they will be eligible for a lower £40 ticket price as long as they pay in advance of the gate (2 weeks before an event to allow for processing). This means that they will only pay an extra £30 when booking their full ticket as the deposit will be deducted.  

Price with deposit paid before Christmas = £40  

Price after Christmas (no deposit) = £45 
Price after 2 weeks before the event = £50 

Cash on arrival = £55 

2. Price Increase (£5 increments) 

Similar to the deposit scheme but the lower £40 ticket price would only be available if paid in full before Christmas and 2 week deadline for ticket price increase being brought forward to Easter. 

Price before Christmas = £40  

Price between Christmas and Easter = £45 
Price after Easter = £50 

Cash on arrival = £55 

3. Price Increase (£10 increments) 

Similar to the deposit scheme but the lower £40 ticket price would only be available if paid in full before Christmas and 2 week deadline for ticket price increase being brought forward to Easter. 

Price before Christmas = £40  

Price between Christmas and Easter = £50 
Price after Easter = £60 

Cash on arrival = £70 

With all of these options it is possible that Arcadia LARP could run a payment plan scheme by BACS upon individual request.  


Approximate £15 budget for sundries approved. To be spent on: toilet roll x36 (more than 18 rolls as ran out last year), UHT milk x2, unsweetened soy milk x2, sugar, bleach x2. DM to donate towels for hand drying. Coffee, tea, black bin bags and hand soap left over from last event and therefore do not need repurchasing.  



Payment for insurance due 29/07/19, used current players booked to estimate players attending in order to send off an approximate figure for the insurance. DM to apply and pay for insurance.  


RE or JWG to print updated copies of the rule book. 

Closing Remarks: 

Tasks added to action table 

Next meeting scheduled for 19/08/19 


Appendix 1 – Advertisement for vacant Secretary position  

Arcadia LARP is seeking a new Secretary. Arcadia LARP is managed by a Committee of volunteers all dedicated to providing the best player experience possible.  

Role description & person specification 
The Secretary has a strategic role to play handling the adminstration of the club: 
- give notice of all Committee Meetings, the Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary Meetings, together with an appropriate agenda  
- record the proceedings of all such meetings and document them as Minutes  
- handle all administrative matters for the Club including keeping all official documents up to date  
- maintain a database of all Club Members 

Qualities and Skills Required 
- Good organisational skills 
- Good time management 
- Good communication skills, written and verbal 
- Confidence in using OneDrive or other file sharing sources 
- Ability to access an internet connection to attend meetings 

Time Commitment:  
The role of Secretary requires an estimated commitment of 1 – 3 hours 
per month, attending at least one meeting a month 

As per the current Constitution, Management Committee positions are open to anyone that has been a member for three consecutive years. Should you be interested in helping to create an enjoyable player experience, please email with a small paragraph outlining your suitability for the role. Members will then have a chance to vote in the new Secretary at the Annual General Meeting.