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Arcadia LARP Management Committee Minutes for 17/04/2018

Committee Members Present:

David Walker (Chair), Rachel Elston (Vice Chair), Deborah Myers (Treasurer), James Myers (Site and Safety Officer)


Glynne Turnbull (Secretary), Josh Wheaton-Green (Accountant), Emma Weeks (Public Relations)



Opening the discord publicly was agreed at the previous management meeting. DW to generate an invite link and send to EW for publication.

Google Business:

Put forward until meeting with JWG present. DM put forward that a new address should be listed and that the business should not be listed as closed, all agreed.


RE requested any OOC information to be added to the wiki. DM to send an FAQ to RE. RE to continue adding the Core Rules to the wiki.

“At-cost” Weaponry

At the beginning of the year JM suggested making weapons “at-cost” for the club, it was agreed to be put forward until a date in April. After this meeting’s discussion it has been agreed that the club cannot fund this currently. Funding will be available when tickets are being sold, however there will not be enough time between then and the next event to make the weapons.

Crew Equipment

Crew are expected to bring their own equipment if they can. A list of suggested crew equipment to be added to the wiki by RE.

Storage Tubs

DM: All radios currently stored in one (1) cardboard box that is too small. DM requested purchasing plastic, waterproof storage box. RE may have one spare and will search for one after she has moved to a new house.

DM to research storage tubs for costume and kit.

Labels for Costuming

Currently most kit being used is personal; Club and personal kit needs to be labelled to prevent loss. DM to purchase “iron-on” labels and fabric pens.

Player Health and Safety

DM and JM have raised concerns regarding the health and safety of a prospective player at club events. DW to discuss with player and address concerns at next meeting.

Feedback from Exeter Meeting

Meeting went well, group felt comfortable enough to explain their bad experiences i.e. bullying, stalker behaviour. Assured that Arcadia has a zero-tolerance for bullying.

Hand Gestures

Had gestures for asking non-verbally if others are happy with current role-play situation were discussed. All agreed that these are a good idea to implement.


JM has found a new host for £3 pcm with a guaranteed fixed price. It was agreed that the club will discuss changing the website after/just before the August event.

Regular Meetings

DM suggested that we hold meetings on a regular basis, all agreed. Management Committee to hold meetings on the first weekend of every month. If a member is unable to attend they should give their apologies no later than one week before the meeting is to be held. The day of the meeting (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) will be set one week before the meeting is to be held.

Minutes Availability and Publishing

DM put forward that the committee has been lax in its duty to make available the minutes. All agreed. Minutes to be made available on the wiki or website. RE suggested agendas to be discussed.


DM raised the topic of crew tickets, suggested that we may have all 5 earmarked.

DM raised a suggestion given to us by the Exeter group. Player discount tickets wherein the player chooses a time slot over the weekend to crew. All agreed to consider this for next year’s event.

Closing Remarks

Tasks added to action table

Next meeting scheduled for weekend beginning 4th of May.