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Arcadia LARP Management Committee Minutes 11-06-19

Convener: David Walker (Chair)

Recorder: David Walker (Chair)

Present:  David Walker (Chair), Glynne Turnbull (Secretary), Deborah Myers (Treasurer) James Myers (Site and Safety Officer), Joshua Wheaton-Green (Accountant), Emma Weeks (Public Relations)

Excused: Rachel Elston (Vice Chair)


Position of Secretary:

GT has given official 1 month notice of resignation as secretary. DW and RE to share work load until AGM. Position will be opened up to members of three consecutive years three weeks before the AGM (29-07-19). A vote will be held at the AGM 19-10-19.

Ticket Sales:

Current ticket sales lower than this time last year. Push ticket sales up until 02-07-19 if no improvement a competition to increase ticket sales will be held. Details of competition to be confirmed.

Previous Management Committee Meeting Minutes:

Enquiry into minute progress deferred until next meeting to discuss with RE.



Closing Remarks:

Tasks added to action table

Next meeting scheduled for 02-07-19