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Arcadia LARP Management Committee Minutes 02-07-19 

Convener: Rachel Elston (Vice Chair) 

Recorder: Rachel Elston (Secretary) 

Present:  Rachel Elston (Vice Chair), Glynne Turnbull (Secretary), Deborah Myers (Treasurer) James Myers (Site and Safety Officer), Joshua Wheaton-Green (Accountant), Emma Weeks (Public Relations)  

Excused: David Walker (Chair) 


Financial Update: 

Budget given at start of 2019 was £100 for crew area lighting and £200 on props and costuming required for the event. Lighting was sources under budget for £97. Current budget left for props, kit and sundries £75.61 if any expenditures come in over this they will need to be seriously considered and approved by DM and JWG. 

Event Insurance: 

Proposed insurance claim to cover 30 players based on previous event attendance and current ticket sales. This figure can be upped once actual number of players at the event calculated. DM to book insurance.  

Revision of Constitution: 

The committee has discussed and revised the constitution, ready to submit to the acting secretary RE at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Proposed changes, alongside the agenda and financial reports, will be released to the members three weeks before the AGM. 

Crew Ticket Cap: 

Current player ticket sales lower than this time last year. Approximately 10-15 crew members agreed verbally, those that have enquired already will be allowed to purchase a crew ticket however new crew tickets will only be allowed after at least 20 players have purchased tickets. DM to talk to JWG about turning off crew ticket booking on the website and the ability to send a payment link to crew that have verbal agreements.  

Ticket Sales: 

Discussion about running a ticket sales competition discussed. Decided that it was too close to the event to make a competition viable and cost effective. Ticket sales competition will be looked at for next years event. 

Previous Management Committee Meeting Minutes 

RE will be acting secretary in her capacity as Vice Chair and has been uploading the back dated minutes. 

Email Regarding Use of the Cottage 

Email received regarding the use of the cottage for player camping. Discussion held and agreed that for the moment the cottage will not be allowed for player camping due it being close to the referee and crew area and that there have been discussions about the Game Team utilizing the cottage as a staging area. Players will be informed if this situation changes. DM to formulate a response. 



JWG has fixed the incorrect dates on the website after being informed by a player. 

Closing Remarks: 

Tasks added to action table 

Next meeting scheduled for 09-07-19